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This story originally appeared in the California Health Report.

Black Health Network Member Spotlight: Tiffany Martin

24 May 2024 11:11 AM | Jamila Jabulani (Administrator)

How long have you been a member of the Black Health Network, and what drew you to CBHN? 

I have been a member of CBHN since 2023. As I am a health equity advocate, I was drawn to CBHN and the work they do.

What is your current profession? 

I am the owner and CEO of TKMartin Consulting and the Executive Director of Elevated Health and Community. As a consultant, I serve as an Executive Change Strategist specializing in Organizational Culture Change Management, and through Elevated Health and Community, I am working to equip individuals, particularly those in marginalized communities, with the access and resources they need to make informed, high-quality health decisions for themselves and loved ones. 

From your perspective, what barriers exist in achieving health equity for Black Californians? 

As black Americans, we still experience the trauma of the historical relationship between white doctors and black patients: unauthorized experimentation, lack of care, and medical ignorance are a part of our cultural health histories.  In addition to our historical perceptions and experiences, we often don't fully understand or know all our options, and we assume, "Well, if there were more or better options, my health providers would tell me."  Unfortunately, we are not always advised, and as a result, we become passive in our health journeys, and we fail to voice the questions and concerns or get the clarification that could be the difference between life and death.  

Both in your work and with CBHN, how have you been able to prioritize the health of Black Californians? 

I founded Elevated Health and Community to help people gain the access, information, and resources they need to have a confident voice in achieving what they need to achieve their desired quality of health. If we can help individuals better navigate the existing systems, our communities will begin to show up more informed and demand more; ultimately, the system will have no option but to change.  Through Elevated Health and Community's Empowered Voice Workshop Series and Not Just For Runners 5K/1-Mile and Health Fair, along with CBHN's "How Do I..." campaign, together we striving toward vision are elevating individual health, building community and shifting the system from a "sick care" model to one that prioritizes overall health and wellbeing.

What inspires you to keep doing the work you do? 

I want to rest assured that my parents will be taken care of and that others have what they need to live the highest quality of life possible. When people express gratitude for my work, it is the most rewarding gift I could receive. My purpose is to help others and I will continue to offer guidance and support, and do the work that changes lives.

This story originally appeared in the California Health Report.

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